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Due to the recent regulations established by different countries, we inform you that Hun Tulum will facilitate access to third party COVID-19 tests to our guests. You can get a test directly at the hotel: The cost of COVID tests is as follows:


- Antigen test at the hotel $ 120 USD per person

- PCR test at the hotel $ 170 USD per person

Contact us to schedule your COVID test so that it can be done within 72 hours of your departure, or for any questions or concerns related to this process. Check your country’s readmission requirements before reserving your COVID; in some countries, a PCR test may be required.


* Antigen test results are delivered the same day / PCR results take 24 hours to be delivered digitally, by email or by WhatsApp messaging app please send Full Name and e-mail of each person is doing the test. 


* Tests available from Monday to Friday

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